Everything you did not know about Aritzia – My Retail Experience 

What is there not to like about Aritzia? For most female shopping addicts, you automatically have the feeling of basically wanting to buy everything before stepping into the store – which is totally normal. This is because, Aritzia seems to have everything that is ‘in’ style, but as you shop you may feel like you are being chased/nagged (you are), and a couple merchandise will add up 0-100 real f*ckn quick. Yes I get every struggle, thus why I have put myself in a horrible situation in working here just for the amazing discount.

Surprise! Aritzia is not on commission, but sales associates (SA) are expected to sell a quota by the end of each shift. Although it is confidential in how much a SA needs to sell in order to keep their job, working there is not a fun time. Many girls who have worked their/ or working have cried, felt uncomfortable, and quit on the spot because there is so much competition, and tension between the other SA’s. For an example, when clients walk in the store  SA’s stare you down to see if you are going to pick up any merchandise, and as soon as you pick up something up you will notice within two seconds someone will fast approach you seeking if you want a change room. This meaning that once they hang up the clothes you were intending to try on, they will be the ones helping you(common sense, right?) These sales associates sometimes will tell you the truth, but at the same time try to make everything look better than it actually does – aka bullshitting you (just for the sale). This sometimes makes the clients feel pressured into buying things they are on the fence about, making them feel uncomfortable …and in most cases you can see it in their facial expression. Overall when I first started working at Aritzia, meeting the quota was difficult because I was not use to chasing clients, and handling a handful of them all at once. With that being said for the first week of working at Aritzia I had not met the intended goal of the day, I went home feeling anxious that my mangers hated me (over a part time job…#lol). It was a job that was taken too seriously, and gave me an abundance of stress, and anxiety on top of my post secondary education. I luckily got the hang of things pretty quickly, but felt a lot of tension whenever I had worked making me want to leave as soon as I could. Unfortunately the only thing that was holding me back was the discount…

Aritzia was definitely not for me. I do not mind selling, as long as it is for something I am passionate about. For an example, Tesla – an innovative car company that is green(electric), fast, and safest car on he road. I believe that this car will one day change this world. Another example is that, I use to spend 20h each week volunteering knocking on doors trying to sell democracy – something I did not mind doing, but enjoyed doing simply because I was so passionate about the Liberal party platform. (during election season)

I love fashion, do not get me wrong,  dressing people up and making them look good is probably my favourite thing to do on my spare time, but I was not down to tell people their clothes looked amazing when it only looked ‘meh’. I was not down to chase clients, so I could sell a lot just for hours. Aka if you do not preform well on the floor you do not get hours. You at the bottom of the list hunnnny ~

If you are questioning to buy something because it is too expensive, do not buy it. Their are sales at the end of every season, and don’t get fooled at the beginning of the sale because each week there are markdowns. The clothing gets cheaper and cheaper every week or two weeks, and by the end of the sale everything is basically 50-70% off. Often times people complain at the beginning of the sale questioning ‘ why is it only 5$ off?’ It is because the store wants to trick you into buying stuff at the beginning of the sale just for the sake that Aritzia has a ‘sale’lol -Woooooaaah – It tricks you into believing that the merchandise might be gone quickly – but in reality you could order that item from another store.  This means that at the beginning of the sale the merchandise will be like ‘5-15% off’, and then as time goes on the sale percentage increases, and everything will eventually get cheaper and cheaper. Although it is difficult to wait for something you are truly in love with, it is worth the wait until the end of the season sale, simply because NO that shirt you are wanting to buy is not worth 7743743757$ #savedatmoneyhunny . In addition to the sales that happen at the end of every season, Aritzia has something called ‘June clientele’ month. This is where clients who have spent a certain amount of money at the store will be invited to shop the special sale they have going on, and only a certain amount of clients know about this. These clients get a sneak peak  of  the sales right before the actual end of the season sale hits the floor. Peep @ your emails ladies!!

Retail tips

  • Make conversation with clients, and see what kind of person they are~From here you can see their vibes, and get a taste of their fashion
  • Physically pair clothes for them, that match their vibes
  • Make a dope outfit from your work, wear it, so you could sell it as you work
  • Tell them the truth, so they can actually trust your judgments, and shop with you next time they come in
  • Have fun, and try to make the best of it


Many girls enjoy working at Aritzia, but this is just my viewpoint, and experience! Don’t be offended ladies, comment below your reaction/feelings, and/or if you have any questions!
Xo Trangpak.


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