The answer is no, you are not free. We usually refer to freedom as a liberal, unrestricted, and limitless society. This in which originally comes from the grassroots of history that constrains the chain of ‘liberty’ -because of this, freedom does not exist. This means that hierarchy’s regulate the universe, and if we lift the ideology of what freedom is, it almost contradicts itself because we are obligated to obey the rules and regulation that is enforced by government officials.
But no, that is not really what I am trying to get at-

How do you make your decisions? Exactly. You were brought into this world with a vision constructed by society to perceive life in a way that discourages you of grasping the world on your own. Oh, you go to university/college? Right, because growing up your parents/society have brainwashed you into believing that in order to get through life you need graduate from post-secondary school. Now do not get me wrong, education is in many ways the first step to pursue your desired passion. But obviously school is not for everyone, and throughout my experience at University I finalized my realization that school is not for me.

– My mind is mentally not free, I have a constant thought in the back of my mind of trying to impress my father for all that he has done for me. It has pushed me to look for opportunities that has led me to an internship at Parliament Hill, but at the same time it has led me to go on with further schooling… something I only did because I had the fear of feeling left out, and looked down upon.

I have come to a realization that worrying about impressing others, even loved ones, will not make you successful. I believe being successful is a part of being free, and that means pursuing something that you are truly passionate about, something that makes you happy, even if that means being a garbage picker in order to save mother nature. Society is so mesmerized by the thought of achieving things to prove to the world that they belong in the stereotypical cultural norm.  With that being said, I have officially left Carleton, and my intern position at Parliament. I will be finishing my degree
online, and pursuing my future career as an immigration consultant.

Be you, break the cultural norm, and stay positive,

xo Trangpak.


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