Everything you did not know about Aritzia – My Retail Experience 

What is there not to like about Aritzia? For most female shopping addicts, you automatically have the feeling of basically wanting to buy everything before stepping into the store – which is totally normal. This is because, Aritzia seems to have everything that is ‘in’ style, but as you shop you may feel like you are being chased/nagged (you are), and a couple merchandise will add up 0-100 real f*ckn quick. Yes I get every struggle, thus why I have put myself in a horrible situation in working here just for the amazing discount.

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The answer is no, you are not free. We usually refer to freedom as a liberal, unrestricted, and limitless society. This in which originally comes from the grassroots of history that constrains the chain of ‘liberty’ -because of this, freedom does not exist. This means that hierarchy’s regulate the universe, and if we lift the ideology of what freedom is, it almost contradicts itself because we are obligated to obey the rules and regulation that is enforced by government officials.
But no, that is not really what I am trying to get at-

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